Brit woman furious with Cadbury’s willy shaped chocolate

London: A British woman has expressed her anger at finding a willy shaped chocolate in a packet of Cadbury’s Nibbles.

Elizabeth McClure, 38, who bought the chocolate in a Tesco branch in Greenock, is convinced that the three-inch treat was deliberately fashioned by workers.

McClure of Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire, has now demanded an apology from the confectionary giant.

“You might expect it from an Ann Summers party, but not from Cadbury’s. It is stamped on the back with Cadbury’s - so it came from their factory,” the Sun quoted her as saying.

“I can take a joke but any child could have found this. It is vile - the level of detail is disgusting and I felt sick.

“My two-and-a-half-year-old grandson eats these and I’d have been horrified if he’d found it.

“I called Cadbury’s to complain but as soon as they found out what it was they didn’t want to know. They just said to send it back.

“They wouldn’t give me a contact for complaints and told me to post the chocolate to them. Their attitude was terrible,” she revealed.

A Cadbury’s spokesman said: “It appears some of the Nibbles have melted.”

“We will of course offer a full refund if the consumer is unhappy,” he added.



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