British men dream of ex’s, women of parents and kids

Last Updated: Dec 09, 2011, 20:38 PM IST

London: It seems suspecting wives are not always wrong while taking a bit `too much` interest in their husbands` mood and longings. For a British study has found that one in four men regularly dreams about his former girlfriend.

The Dream Study, carried out by Premier Inn, asked 2,000 Brits about their dream patterns to come up with its findings, the Daily Mail reported.

The study also revealed that the men in question were not necessarily pining for their ex-s by day. In fact, the majority reported high levels of satisfaction with their current relationship.

Moreover, it was not just ex-partners that British men dreamt about either.

In case some girlfriends start thinking that it is they who are the subject of their man`s dreams, they are likely to be usurped during night-time by their partner`s colleagues or boss -- with 26 percent saying they dream of workmates -- or even their mother-in-law, says the study.

Interestingly, over a third of British women said they spend their nights dreaming about their current partner, followed closely by dreams about their parents and children.

The study found the close friendships women tend to hold also impact on their dreams, with a third of women claiming their dreams frequently feature their friends.

Claire Haigh, spokesperson for Premier Inn said: "Dreams are one part of our lives that we have no control over. Even though we may not see people regularly, they can still feature regularly in our dreams."