Celebs’ mistresses using affairs as springboard to fame and fortune!

Washington: With a string of ladies coming out in open with their affairs with married celebrities like Tiger Woods and Jesse James, experts have said that sleeping with A-listers has become an easy way to make big bucks for these mistresses.

While some girls participate in cash prize beauty pageants, some sell their stories, text messages and pictures to magazines and television outlets.

Others, like porn stars Holly Sampson and Joslyn James, have used the scandal to reinvent their careers in stripping and porn.

"[A sex] scandal provides a short term spike in interest and these mistresses would have to be crazy not to try to capitalize on it. Their fame and fortune may not be enduring but if they can turn 15 minutes of fame into a year of income, they can walk away with about a million dollars," a news channel quoted Nelson Gayton, executive director of the Center for Management of Enterprise in Media, Entertainment n Sports at UCLA`s Anderson School of Management, as saying.

He added: "There is money to be made here so we are certainly not going to see less of this going forward."

But, people have still not had enough of news of high-profile philanderers being exposed in public.

"America is fascinated with the mistress right now. They have become a commodity. We don`t see them as names, just as juicy stories that can give us some insight into the character of the celebrity they slept with," explained ‘Cult of Celebrity’ author Cooper Lawrence.

"As long as there is an appetite for them and what they represent then we will see more people paying more money for them to do things,” he said.



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