Cher loves men who have a good sense of humour

London: Pop star Cher has said she is attracted to guys with who have a "great sense of humour" and can make her laugh.

The 64-year-old actress-and-singer is known for her penchant for younger guys but she insists she is more interested in men who has her in splits easily, reported Metro online.

"I`m fascinated by men with great senses of humour. That`s certainly a major thing for me," said Cher.

When quizzed on whether she still prefers younger men, the `Turn Back Time` hitmaker said, "I kind of do but now I`m so old that even the old men are younger than me."

One of the reasons why the `Burlesque` star likes funny guys could be because she thinks she is immature and has never grown-up.

"I`m just really immature. I have always been like that. My mother is like it too. She`s 84 and really immature. The older we get, the more immature we get. I have no idea. I keep thinking I`m going to act like a grown-up woman someday. The only thing I`m responsible about is taking care of my family, otherwise I don`t know how to act any different than I am," she said.

Cher is currently in a relationship with comedian-and-writer Ron Zimmerman.