Cher missed out on dating Presley and Brando

London: Pop icon Cher has two regrets in her life - missing out on romancing `The King` Elvis Presley and screen legend Marlon Brando.

The `Turn Back Time` hitmaker, who divorced singer Sonny Bono in 1975 aged 29, has enjoyed intimate relationships with a string of Hollywood`s leading men over the years, including Warren Beatty, Tom Cruise and rocker Gene Simmons.

But Cher admits she let the opportunity to date Presley during her youth slip by because she was so wracked with nerves, reported Contactmusic.

When asked by talk show host David Letterman about rumours that she dated Presley, Cher replied, "Almost, I got nervous, I didn`t get there (to the date), I was that nervous.

I wish I had. Marlon Brando too, I wished I had! We just hung out for a while, but I wished I`d had."

But the 64-year-old singer and actress insisted her list of lovers was tame compared to those of her closest pals.

"The truth is, everyone was more promiscuous than me, I promise you, all my girlfriends. It was the time too. I`d been married to Sonny for so long, 11 years, so when I got out I was excited. I wasn`t quite with it," she said.