Cheryl Cole worried about her relationship?

London: `Girls Aloud` star Cheryl Cole reportedly fears that her relationship with dancer boyfriend Tre Holloway is in a danger.

The 30-year-old `Fight for This Love` singer is busy recording a new album in the UK while her boyfriend is working in Los Angeles and the long distance relationship is said to be taking a toll on their romance, reported Contactmusic.

"When its evening for Cheryl its morning for Tre and he`s rushing to the dance studio so they`re constantly trying to play catch up," a source said.

"She wants to be in a relationship where she feels cherished and secure, instead of fearing it is fizzling out. He says it sometimes feels as though he`s waiting for her to end it. She doesn`t know how to fix this and to bring them back together. She keeps asking her friends, `Am I being too needy?," the source added.

To add to the singer`s anxiety, Holloway reportedly insists on staying in LA where he is said to be getting more work.