Chris Brown paints picture for Rihanna

Los Angeles: Rapper Chris Brown has reportedly spent months working on a romantic painting for Rihanna.

Brown`s painting depicts the two of them in a loving embrace and includes a personal message that reads - "You`re my girl for life", reports

"He and Rihanna are crazy as hell. Chris had a bomb time with Rihanna over Christmas. He was scared, though, when she came to his house because Chris has been working on a painting for like two months for her," quoted a source as saying.

"He painted this picture of him and her together and it`s amazing. It`s him and her together. She is looking forward and he`s kissing her on the cheek. Chris painted the gold necklace around her neck that he got her and at the bottom he wrote - `You`re my girl for life`," added the source.

The source said the painting has already been shipped to Rihanna.

"I don`t know if Rihanna got the painting yet, but he shipped it to her and I know she will go crazy when she sees it. I don`t know why Chris didn`t put it on Instagram, but I guess they want some stuff to themselves," said the source.