Colin Firth is `Mr Darcy` in real life, says wife

London: British actor Colin Firth is `Mr Darcy` in real life to his Italian wife Livia Giuggioli.

The actor, who has played the role twice, in `Pride And Prejudice` and in `Bridget Jones`, takes his role as a husband seriously and though he appreciates other women flirting with him, his heart is reserved for his wife only.

The actor says he would never be tempted to stray and says he feels flattered to be centre of attraction but he will always remain devoted to Giuggioli, who is also the mother of his sons Luca and Matteo, Hello! magazine reported.

"Oh, I appreciate the smiles I receive on occasion from rather beautiful women. But my heart is reserved for my lovely wife Livia," says Firth.

"Livia is there for me when I need to have a good cry and feel very sorry for myself. She gives me a kiss and a cup of tea, and the world feels good again when my children run up to me for a hug," he added.

The 50-year-old star, who is being touted as a strong contender for the Best Actor Oscar next year for his role in `King`s Speech`, makes light of his achievement as an actor.

"My parents and many other people have worked hard for humanitarian causes and they are real heroes. They deserve to be hailed for their incredible self-sacrifice," he said.