Cougar loving Harry Styles would date anyone `up to` his mum’s age

Updated: Jun 27, 2012, 15:24 PM IST

London: One Direction’s Harry Styles has revealed that he will bed any woman as long as they are not older than his mother Anne.

The 18-year-old singer was asked whether he prefers more mature women and shocked fans by boasting: “Anything up to my mum’s age, she’s 44!”

He then revealed a long list of dating horrors.

“I told someone I was gay once. And I went out with a girl who was so shy she barely said a word,” the Daily Express quoted him as saying.

“I’d say: ‘What have you been up to?’ She’d say: ‘Not much.’ She just killed the conversation,” he added.

He also spoke of his worst ever kiss.

“Someone cut my lip once. She came in a bit fast, hit my lip onto my tooth and it started bleeding. There was blood everywhere,” he said.

Bandmate Louis Tomlinson, 20, giggled and asked: “Was that Caroline Flack?”

Harry is known for his love of cougars, older women who prefer much younger fellas.

He famously enjoyed a fling with sexy telly presenter Caroline, 32, at just 17, but they split up after a furore broke out over the 14-year age gap.

He also wooed cute radio presenter Lucy Horobin, 32, who enjoyed “amazing” sex sessions with the teenage boyband sensation.