Courtney Love to tie the knot with billionaire hotelier

London: Rocker Courtney Love, the widow of music legend Kurt Cobain, is set to tie the knot with billionaire hotelier Andre Balazs.

Love, a former drug addict and wild woman of rock, is planning to take the next step and tie the knot with the 56-year-old businessman.

The pair had reportedly ended the relationship for good due to Love`s erratic behaviour but they were recently photographed cuddling up at a New York club.

The reunited couple are now so serious about each other that she is planning to move to the UK with him and they are talking of marriage, reported Daily Mail online.

Balazs plans to bring the `Hole` singer, to the UK next year when he opens two new hotels.

"He has told Courtney that if it`s going to work, she needs to clean up her act. She`s serious about this and is willing to end her rock `n` roll lifestyle," said a source close to the couple.

Love was widowed in 1994 when her husband, Nirvana`s Kurt Cobain, shot himself dead at their Seattle home. She has since had a string of tempestuous, short-lived affairs with stars including Ed Norton and Steve Coogan.

Love and Balazs have been friends for 25 years but they started dating only in the summer.

Balazs, who owns the famous Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, was married to Ford Models heiress Katie Ford, and after their divorce in 2004 he dated actress Uma Thurman for three years.

Now friends say he is besotted with the 46-year-old former cocaine addict and they plan to set up home in North-West London.

Love too has told her 18-year-old daughter Frances Bean that Balazs is the second love of her life, after dad Kurt Cobain.