Daniel Radcliffe`s best friend is his girlfriend

Los Angeles: `Harry Potter` star Daniel Radcliffe says his longtime girlfriend Erin Drake is also his best friend.

The 25-year-old actor said he always aspires to have a great friendship with the person in his life, reported a magazine.

"I think that`s the kind of relationship I always aspire to have with someone I`m in a relationship with. You want that person to be your best friend. In the case of Erin, we definitely are," he said.

"I don`t think you can ever control how anything starts. It`s not like I seek out that way of meeting people or think I have to be their friend first but I think it`s often a very natural thing to progress from into a relationship. The whole modern idea of `friend zone` and all that stuff?that`s a word I don`t like very much."

Radcliffe and Drake met in 2012, when they were filming the drama `Kill Your Darlings` and have been together since.

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