David Arquette suffers nervous breakdown after split

London: Actor-director David Arquette has said he has been suffering from a nervous breakdown ever since he split from his wife of 11 years, actress Courteney Cox.

The "Scream" actor opened up about his emotions on a radio show and admitted the split has left him a wreck, reports dailystar.co.uk.

Asked if he is "having a nervous breakdown", Arquette replied: "I believe so." He also revealed that he has turned to a psychiatrist to discuss his problems.

Arquette has been consuming alcohol and confessed that he made a fool of himself at Adam Sandler`s recent holiday party.

He said, "I was a little wasted. Someone says `Hi David!`, and I said, `Hi Sean! Then I realised it was Tom Cruise. And his beautiful wife (Katie Holmes) was there. Tom was cool about it... I was so embarrassed. I was like `I gotta get the hell out of here.`"

However, the incident also made him stop drinking and work towards getting Cox back home.

"I`ve been drinking a lot because I`m heartbroken. It`s really a personal, traumatic thing. When I drink, I become a maniac. When you wake up and reality hits you, it`s hard. (Cox) didn`t want to be my mother. But I kind of need a mother... I want love in my life. I need love in my life," said the actor.

The duo had announced in October that they are taking a break in their relationship.