Deepika Padukone gets possessive for Sidhartha Mallya!

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Deepika seems to be getting possessive for the Kingfisher boy Sidhartha Mallya. Apparently, she had a word with him over partying with Sophie Choudhary at an IPL bash.

A source revealed to a daily, “They are no longer casually dating. The recent developments have made us believe so. Their conduct when they are not with each other has changed dramatically in the last one-and-a-half months.

Remember Sid was spotted with Sophie Choudry at a party when Dips was shooting in Bhopal? After that incident, Sid hasn`t been spotted with any other girl. And it is by design, not accident.”

“Also, Dips hasn`t been bonding with any other guy. The duo are not cutting off from their friends of the opposite sex, just being careful that nothing mars what they share,” continued the source.

It is believed that Sidhdartha’s party animal instincts are being kept under check by dusky actress.

“Sid has been partying all alone. He has thrown at least five parties during the IPL and since Dips has been busy shooting and travelling, he has spent the hours alone bonding with his close set of friends. Mallya`s parties are all about flamboyance and glamour in the form of best dressed and best looking people but Sid has been behaving.

Their last party on Saturday night saw him bonding with cricketers and his associates. Again, Mallya`s biggest party of the season happened when Dips joined the team, a clear indication that the family has made her one of their own and they want to celebrate it big when she is around. All other parties have been low key,” said the source.

Despite being possessive, Deepika is also a dedicated girlfriend. "She had just returned from ‘Desi Boyz’ shoot and she was jet-lagged but she packed her bags and flew off to meet Sid. They spent the entire day with each other and partied at night. They even shared a kiss in full public view,” finally added the source.

Well, it seems Deepika has finally found her match in Sidhartha!

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