Demanding women making Brit men `jumpy` in bed!

Updated: Jul 25, 2010, 12:39 PM IST

London: Brit women are increasingly becoming more demanding in bed, a factor that is making men nervous about their sexual performance, a new survey reveals.

Men, in fact, are worried by their lack of experience - one in five confesses to having just one lover and 53 percent have had no more than five.

Twenty percent are so anxious they want the lights off when they are having sex, the survey, for the Viagra drugs company Pfizer, found.

Over a third believe they`d be more confident if they`d had more partners.

The poll, for which 5,271 men were quizzed, also shows that 65 per cent of men have performance problems at some point.

"Traditionally, men always exaggerate the amount of women they`ve slept with," a news daily quoted sex guru Tracey Cox, as saying.

She added, "The number of partners for women is going up, the number for men is going down and I do think it`s directly related to their self-esteem falling."