Derek Hough admits dating Cheryl Cole briefly

Updated: Jun 12, 2013, 17:05 PM IST

London: Derek Hough, who kept mum about his relationship with Cheryl Cole for three years, has finally admitted that he dated her for a short time.

But he said he that he didn`t know who Cole was at that time.

The professional dancer and the former ` Girls Aloud ` star had both hid their relationship from the media glare and insisted that they were just friends in 2010, the Mirror reported.

During an interview at a BBC Worldwide `Dancing With The Stars` event in London, the show`s dancer revealed that even though they dated for a while, they are still very close friends.

Hough asserted that he had met the `Fight for this love` hit maker`s dancer current beau, Tre Holloway, and has heard that Holloway is a great guy.

The choreographer explained that he didn`t speak about his relationship earlier because he thinks that often, in this culture, people take advantage of their friendships.

He insisted that he never spoke about the singer because her friendship is more important to him.

Hough said that he met Cole only after he was offered a job as a choreographer in one of her music videos.

He explained that he vaguely knew the fact that she was very popular in the UK, but he had never met her and only knew her from Google searches.