Elen Rivas poses naked with spears in her back to protest bullfighting

London: Spanish model Elen Rivas has posed naked and bloody, with four spears in her back for a controversial ad by animal rights group PETA against bullfighting.

Rivas, 36, who is the ex-fiancee of England footie ace Frank Lampard, said the ad was nothing compared to what really takes place.

“My ad might be graphic, but it’s nothing compared to the bloody, violent reality of bullfights,” the Sun quoted her as saying.

“Most Spaniards are opposed to this barbaric blood sport, and PETA and I are urging tourists not to be fooled by the industry’s propaganda.

“There is absolutely nothing romantic about torturing and killing animals for entertainment,” she stated.

Campaigners hope the ad, which is set to stir up a new debate on bullfighting, will persuade British tourists not to see a bullfight while on holiday in Spain, where the sport is still widespread.

“In a typical bullfight, men on blindfolded horses drive lances into the bull’s back and neck, impairing the animal’s ability to lift his head,” PETA campaigner Mimi Bekhechi said.

“Others plunge banderillas, which are sticks with harpoon points, into the bull’s back.

“Finally, after the animal has become weak from blood loss, the matador attempts to kill the bull but often only succeeds in further maiming the animal,” Bekhechi added.


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