Elle Macpherson ‘has a crush on Simon Cowell’

London: Supermodel Elle Macpherson has revealed that she has a crush on Simon Cowell.

"I have a crush on Simon Cowell, I do, I really do - and every time I drive past his house I say to the boys, “That`s Simon Cowell`s house, that`s Simon Cowell`s house," the Mirror quoted Macpherson as saying.

"And they go, “Mum, don`t say it again!”. We come up to the corner of his house, and they go, “Please Mum, don`t say it!”, she added.

Elle also revealed that the music mogul did not flirt on coming face to face with her.

"I flirted with him - he didn`t flirt back. Simon, why didn`t you flirt back?" she joked.

The 47-year-old dismissed the four-inch height difference between them.

"I think I`m too clean cut for him, I think he likes a bit of a saucy chick," she added.