Ex-Miss World Australia Pemberton becomes iPhone dating guru

Last Updated: Jun 02, 2010, 16:34 PM IST

Sydney: Caroline Pemberton is taking on a new avatar - the former Miss World Australia is now remodelling herself as an iPhone dating guru for young girls.

Pemberton, 24, who won the beauty pageant in 2007, is engaged in modelling, TV presenting and entrepreneurial activities, such as running courses in high schools where she teaches girls about the photoshop trickery of women`s mags, in the hope of giving them a realistic sense of body image.

"I went online and there weren`t many [iPhone] apps for girls and I thought hey, there`s a market there," she told the Sydney Morning Herald in a phone interview.

Pemberton went on: "I just thought it was such a cool platform and I just love the fact that you as an ordinary person can create an idea and get it out there ... you just need to team up with a developer or learn the iPhone SDK [software development kit] yourself."

Her 2.69dollar app, I`m Dating, is a mix of shallow "compatibility calculators" and practical dating tips for teen girls ranging from dress advice, dating etiquette 101, pre-date checklist and quick conversation starters.

She said: "It`s a bit of fun and entertainment but the information has come from a whole heap of sources from my girlfriends, to reading up and learning all sorts of things ... I spent three weeks reading up on horoscopes and writing my own horoscope compatibility test with 66 compatibility reports,"

It also has a section on mens` body language, how they think, what they really when they say certain phrases and a quiz to help a girl decide "is he into me?".

Moreover, girls can create profiles of men they are dating and rate them on criteria including personality, intelligence, chemistry, reliability and appearance.

This is coupled with the scores from the compatibility calculators to give a score out of 100.

Pemberton said: "You could say it`s shallow but that`s not the motivation, it`s just meant to be entertaining and a bit of fun, and taken with a pinch of salt.

"Everything`s PG, nothing is racey ... there`s no sex advice, i`m not a sealed section."