Extroverted men, neurotic women make for the most fertile combo

New York: A gregarious man and a neurotic women make up the perfect combo when it comes to making babies, revealed a study.

Researchers have said that extroverted men and needy, anxious women are the most fertile coupling.

For the study, they analysed a population in Senegal, where residents practice polygamy and typically don’t believe in birth control.

But, universally, extroverted men tend to make more money and presumably have more sex. And more frequent sex leads to more babies.

The finding suggests “that the link between extroversion and number of children in men is driven by the effects of extroversion on the probability of belonging to the high social class,” the New York Daily News quoted study author Prof. Virpi Lummaa of Sheffield University in the UK as saying.

Other studies in “low fertility” nations such as the United States, where using contraception is commonplace, confirm the link.

This leads Lummaa to theorize that these “effects might be universal across different societies.”

The researchers also found why neurotic women make more babies—they tend to have “attachment anxiety” and so are very motivated to have sex with their husbands.

And among couples not practicing birth control, this means more babies.

But the findings do not mean that having babies is what makes a mom neurotic.

The study authors concluded that being neurotic is likely responsible for a woman having many babies, rather than a consequence of having kids.

The study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.



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