Facebook cited as evidence in most divorces!

Washington: A new survey has found that social networking site Facebook is being cited in most divorce cases as the main provider of evidence of spouses cheating.

The survey was conducted on some of the nation’s top divorce lawyers, and they revealed that their clients come to court armed with evidence they got from the website.

“More and more I have clients coming in and I say, ‘What are you here today?’ And they say, ‘Facebook’,” Fox News quoted divorce attorney Mary Cay Trace as saying.

“You can now search beyond your neighbours and your co-workers if you’re trying to find somebody to replace what you think is missing in your marriage,” she stated.

A mother of two showed via Skype Internet love notes posted between her husband and an old grade-school flame he reconnected with on Facebook.

Within months, the 13-year marriage was over, with her husband’s new woman also ending her own marriage. The families had two children each.

But it is not always the betrayed spouse who stumbles across the Internet evidence. Even worse, it’s friends, neighbours and sometimes the children who bust their parent.



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