Five things men must NOT do when in a relationship

Zee Media Bureau/Gayatri Sankar

Being in a relationship feels great, especially, when you find that someone special of your dreams. However, the honeymoon period doesn’t last for long. The duration of a relationship is inversely proportional to your interest in it. And hence it is very important for you to make sure the spark doesn’t diminish.

Dear men, you love like crazy when you are in love and hence keep the passion alive forever. Make your lady feel special, for she may turn out to be your better-half in due course. Here are a few things you mustn’t do when in a relationship. These will help you nurture the relationship with your ladylove even better.

Do not tell her how dull she looks: Your lady might not be able to groom herself 24 x 7. It’s beyond human capacity to keep looking good all day, unless of course a person doesn’t really have anything else to do in life! So, on a given day, if you’re beloved doesn’t look the way you want her to then do not comment. Tell her she is beautiful no matter what.

Do not go overboard praising other women: Most men have the habit of ogling at other women even when they are by the side of their ladylove. You may often believe that the stranger woman who came across in a mall is prettier than your lady. But remember- the grass is always greener on the other side. Also do not go overboard heaping praises on other women you know, for that might hurt her.

Do not be over possessive: Just the way you expect your lady to give you some space, you too must understand that she has her set of friends to hang out with. Also, don’t be inquiring about her male friends. Remember, you are her man and tell her that you have faith in her.

Do not miss a chance to be by her side when she needs you the most: Women look for an emotional anchor in a man. She often feels the need to have him by her side when she needs him the most- depression, during times of a tragedy at home or elsewhere. So, if she ever asks you to share her agony, do not hesitate to be with her. Instead, be the first to give her a shoulder to cry.

Do not raise hand at her: Most women are subjected to domestic violence. Men who are close to them often end up abusing them the most- either physically or mentally. Never show your chivalry by raising your hand at her, no matter how angry/frustrated/depressed you are. Instead, rest on her shoulder and ask her to sail you through your tough times.