Five things women hate about men!

Zee Media Bureau/ Aparna Mudi

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus goes the popular adage. And if relationship problems are to go by there are some things that women absolutely hate about men which eventually leads to the tiffs and fights.

Here is a list of some of the habits that irks the ladies... Men should probably take a note and do something about these for their lady love.

1.Leaving towels on the floor – this one is a universal complaint. Men tend to have a bath and then leave their towels on the floor, instead of a perfectly good hook available to let the towel dry out, they wait for the women to pick it up and hang it for them. AND it is not only the floor; they leave wet towels on the bed, on the sofa, and on the nearest chair.

2.Saying inappropriate stuff at the wrong time - every time they do something wrong, like leaving the towels lying around, and you get angry – they say stuff like “Are you PMSing?” or “Is it your time of the month?”. It is almost as if you cannot get angry at anything they do. And if you actually do get pissed at something they have done, it is because you have a mood swing.

3.The party cook - men have this tendency to boast about how good they are in the kitchen because occasionally they make the chicken for a party or dinner at home. They use excessive ghee, cream, and masalas to add the extra zing, while leaving the woman to make the pastes, the sauces, the accompaniments, as well as clean and wash after him. And, of course, not realising once that the days she cooks, she is also taking care of nutrition and health and tries to use everything in moderation – plus cleans up after herself. They obviously don’t realise that making an occasional chicken is very different from cooking every day.

4.The technology superiority complex - every time a woman buys a new phone or a laptop; the men pretend to have an inbuilt manual for the product. Sometimes they are as clueless as the women, but nevertheless they don’t like to show that. Instead they hold on to the device for dear life and keep throwing random facts about it, from a website they have read in. They don’t realise that we women may already know how to use it, but men seem to completely ignore it.

5.Eyeing other women in your presence – it was annoying enough that men watch other women. But many men don’t stop even while their girlfriends are right next to them. It is insulting. Many even start complimenting the others about how they wear their clothes, notice their earrings and their make-up; while completely ignoring how much effort you put in to dress up yourself. And if the women don’t play along, they just say “You are jealous.” Jealousy be damned, it is a fact that you are with the person you love, so you men need to mind yourselves and keep your eyes on only your beloved – always.

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