Five things women must NOT do when in a relationship

Five things women must NOT do when in a relationship
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Being in a relationship feels great, especially, when you find that someone special of your dreams. But dear women, men are men and you never know when they may change their attitude towards you.

Most men have a chauvinistic approach while dealing with relationships. They think that being a male in the relationship is a huge advantage. Men try to find fault in everything you do. So here are a few tips that will help you maintain the dignity of your relationship with Mr Perfect and when you can make him crawl on his knees for your sake.

Do not ignore your looks: Always remember that your appearance is one of the things that attracted your man towards you. Now that you are already in a relationship with him, you may want to show your simplicity. But wait. Men like women who dress well and look good 24 x 7. So dress up well while meeting him and make him feel that he meets a “new you”, every single time.

Do not be a nagger: Men love their personal space so give your man the privacy he needs. Let him spend time with his friends and do not bother him quite often. Do not argue with him if he tells you he has to go out with his pals. Instead, tell him “Enjoy your day sweetheart”.

Don`t be easily available: Men often have the tendency to take women for granted if they are easily available. Put up a price tag and make sure you turn up late for a date. Show him that you have other commitments too and your time doesn’t entirely belong to him. And remember, men go weak before women who pay no heed to them, and often tend to ignore those who truly love them.

Don`t act silly: Men like women who are confident. Do not act foolishly while on a date with him. This can be a complete turn-off. Just wear a confident smile and keep mum if you have nothing much to say. Make him do most of the talking.

Don`t go overboard praising other men: Just the way you do not appreciate your man discussing other women with you, even he may get offended if you go overboard praising other men you know. Make him feel he is important to you and that you will never breach his trust. This will help you strengthen the bond with him.


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