Geri Halliwell and Russell Brand on `cooling down period` after 13 days romance

London: Geri Halliwell’s fledgling romance with Russell Brand is said to be over after just 13 days.

It ended just three days after Halliwell, 40, took the lanky comedian house-hunting, the Mirror reported.

While they haven’t ruled out a reconciliation, they have agreed to a “cooling down period.”

And, in keeping with Brand’s penchant for the opposite sex, he spent Sunday afternoon picnicking al fresco with a new ladyfriend.

“Geri was smitten but things have petered out a tad,” a source said.

“He isn’t ready to settle down so soon after coming out of marriage, whereas Geri is probably more ready to have a relationship. She wants a pad and spent Saturday dragging Russell around properties near Devon. It probably seemed a little much.

“Russell is a huge flirt and Geri won’t stand for any nonsense – her friends are telling her not to get serious about him,” the source added.