Glossy mag cover could be `curse` for newly-wed celebs

London: Celebrities whose marriages appear on the front page of Hello! magazine are more than twice as likely to get divorced, a study has revealed.

It revealed that one in six couples (16 per cent) whose wedding featured on the cover of the magazine in the past decade were divorced within six years, compared with a national average of 7 per cent.

However, the magazine rejected the suggestion that appearing in its pages was a “curse,” a leading daily has reported.

Many couples agree for the weekly title to photograph their wedding ceremony, in deals said to attract large payments and an option for security to prevent anyone intruding on the occasion.

Liz Hurley, the actress, and Arun Nayar, the Indian textile heir, who appeared on the cover twice in 2007, were married for four years before divorcing. Their nuptials cost a reported 2 million pounds, said to have been partly funded by the magazine.

Kim Kardashian, a US reality television contestant, was married for less time than any of the other celebrities to feature in the magazine. Her wedding to basketball player Kris Humphries appeared on the title’s front page last August. She filed for divorce after 72 days.

The advantages of having a wedding featured in Hello! can include a generous cheque and a formidable security option to prevent the public - and rival publications - catching a sneak glimpse of the bride.

“The ‘curse of Hello!’ is a ridiculous concept and totally unfounded,” said Rosie Nixon, editor of the magazine.

But Kay Goddard, a former editor, said: “Perhaps they should put a clause in the contract that celebrity couples who divorce within a certain time should repay some of their fee.”