Harry Styles turned down by TV presenter

London: Singer Harry Styles, known for showing interest in elder women, had no luck with television presenter Samantha Armytage.

The 19-year-old`s tried to flirt with Armytage, 36, when she interviewed him and his One Direction band members.

"When he walked in and kissed me on the cheek I thought, `Oh, hello.` Harry was very open and talked about women. He did say he didn`t care about age. And there was a lot of flirting from him - and it wasn`t just in one direction. It went in both directions," thesun.co.uk quoted Armytage as saying.

Styles even invited Armytage for a round of golf. She admits that it was flattering for her ego.

"He did invite me for a round of golf. He is far too young. And I`m too old for him. I prefer older men. I`m old enough to be his mother," said Armytage.

"He`s very cute and seemed like a very clever boy and there is something very flattering for my ego about a guy like that flirting a little bit," she added.