Heidi Klum buys bodyguard boyfriend USD 10K wardrobe?

Los Angeles: Supermodel Heidi Klum has reportedly bought her bodyguard boyfriend USD 10,000 worth of clothes from a Beverly Hills boutique.

The `Project Runway` host is keen for Martin Kristen to always look his best and recently gave him a makeover, reported National Enquirer.

"She would have bought out the entire men`s department but he put up a fight. She actually only bought him a couple of new suits, some shirts and two pairs of shoes, but the bill turned out to be more than USD 10,000 because Heidi only gets the best of the best.

"He nearly had a heart attack. He?s got a lot of pride and he?s not into fashion, so it took a lot of convincing to get him to go shopping in the first place. He really doesn?t want Heidi to spend money on him. But Heidi finally dragged him to Barneys and basically pointed out everything she wanted him to wear," a source said.

Klum, 39, who split from husband Seal early this year, is dating her bodyguard Kristen after she was spotted getting close to him on a getaway.
"Her image is everything, so having a fashionable boyfriend is very im?portant, and now that Martin`s with her, he has to respect that.

"Heidi is crazy about him. He`s really helped her get through a very hard time in her life, and she`s having lots of fun spoiling him," the source added.