Here are some Feng Shui tips for steamier intercourse

If you want you spice up your sexual life and bring back the old passion, then these feng shui tips are perfect for you.

1. Choose images that excite both of you

It is no secret that images have a heavy influence on your feelings. Walk into your bedroom, look at the images in it and ask yourself: »Does all this really make me feel sexy and romantic?« If the answer is »no«, then it is time you think about adding a photo or a painting of a couple in love, a photo of romantic scenery or a picture of two naked bodies. Maybe your bedroom needs a few colorful changes and a splash of red or any other color that you find sensual would make all the difference.

2. Choose the right colors

Warm and earthy colors open the hearth and activate emotional bonding. It is best if you add a few touches of red, orange, pink, terra cotta, brown, yellow, gold or beige. If you like your walls and bedsheets to be plain white, you can spice up the atmosphere with decorative accessories in these colors.

3. Choose the right lightning

The right lighting, which should not be too aggressive but ambiental, also increases the passion in the bedroom. If you can`t regulate the lights, you can also dim them or you can choose weaker or colorful light bulbs. The shape and color of the light is of key importance for creating an appropriate, sexy atmosphere.

4. Remove things that don`t belong in the bedroom

Bedroom is a place intended for intimacy, romanticism and rest. All the things that don`t contribute to this can be removed from the bedroom, because they only cause distraction and interfere with the sexual life of a couple.

5. Natural essential oils

Essential oils are a good way to improve your sexual life, especially those intended for relaxation and against stress. If you choose the scent of vanilla, jasmine or ylang-ylang, you surely won`t miss.

6. Light some candles

Candles in the bedroom have two purposes: they have a nice scent and they make the room softly lit. Both of these things stir up the passion.