Here`s why love is fattening for women

Sydney: Researchers have found that marriage and babies might make women happy, but they can also cause unprecedented weight gain.

The new drug that claims to burn fat twelve times faster than normal, got sold out in just three days after going on sale.

The drug named Capsiplex was sold as soon as it hit the shelves in early June.

The over-the-counter pill, made by British pharmaceutical giant Capsiplex, is the first to contain a unique anti-obesity formula previously available only on the National Health Services, where it has already been prescribed to 10,000 people, reports The Daily Express.

The drug that costs 24.99 pound-a-month was sold out at stores across Britain, including Harrods, Selfridges and Lloyds Pharmacy.

“It is a discreet tablet which enables you to effortlessly lose weight without inhibiting your lifestyle,” a Capsiplex spokesman said.



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