How to Change a Man into a..

How to Change a Man into a…

There are three kinds of men that each and every woman comes across during the course her life:

1) The ones that they wouldn’t touch with a 10ft pole, 2) the ones they daydream about, and 3) the ones they’ve got. There are three kinds of men that each and every woman comes across during the course her life: 1) The ones that they wouldn’t touch with a 10ft pole, 2) the ones they daydream about, and 3) the ones they’ve got. The first kind are those that think that a drive home counts as foreplay, who want to engage in sexual activities right after they had flung the apartment door open, and who think that a woman is more than satisfied with a two-minute long session of “do her, drench her in drool, then fall asleep”. Somewhere over the rainbow live men filed under number 2, the ones women fantasize about. Such men have an insatiable lust for life, look like Roman gladiators, have fingers swift as a concert pianist, know the core of a woman`s soul and every inch of her body like the palm of their hands, and never hesitate to sign, seal, and deliver. Although they’re a world apart, both types have something in common: They can’t be improved. And so we come to type 3, the guy you’ve ended up with. Just your average bloke with all his pros and cons, who sometimes shows extraordinary hints of genius and sometimes acts like a five-year-old. He, however, can be improved. Guys are as soft as putty, perfect to be shaped by their women, who have already made their plans how to change them. Trust us, there’s a good chance that your man could be turned into a sensational lover, an attentive partner, a loving husband, and a caring father.
Your Instructions should be Clear and Concise

If changing your man is one of your main priorities, then do something about it! Don’t just settle for second rate if you can open your mouth and guide him properly. By turning a blind eye, you’ll only encourage him to stay the same. If you think he’ll read your every whim from the expression of your eyes, you could wait forever. So grab the steering wheel and help him along by giving clear and concise instructions. Tell him loud and clear that you would like to try something new in bed- such as him devoting more time to your clit, or touching you in different places, or even embarking on a quest to find your G-spot.
Don’t be embarrassed to point out every detail of how you would like to be pleasured. Never keep your desires a secret. If you don’t tell him what you need, your relationship could eventually turn sour. Your disappointment and restlessness could add up in time, with your lust turning to mould and what has once been love into anger or even hate. When there’s a rift between a woman and a man, it can easily evolve into a chasm. Good sex preserves a good relationship, so don’t hesitate to change your man if he lacks some necessary traits in this particular department.
In Order to Change a Man, You Need to Know What’s Bothering You

Be honest to yourself and really think about what should be changed. In order to change a man, you should really know what bothers you or your attempts could get very time consuming. The moment you lay it all out perfectly, you’ll get an idea on how to make it happen. One of the basic psychological principles to follow in order to make progress is to understand that making changes is a team effort – you both need to cooperate. If you want your partner to become responsive to your needs and desires, you have to be prepared to help him along the way. So don’t be too strict or too assertive if you find that your man needs some pointers. Be encouraging, but don’t give in. Luckily, every woman has her own expectations about how to change a man into a better lover. Every woman has her special needs and reacts distinctly to particular sensual stimulations.
Increase His Self-Confidence

A confident man, who is at peace with his inner self, will make you feel better as well. Show him that you appreciate and respect him instead of nagging and grumbling about his mistakes all the time. Compliment him here and there. In order for the both you to feel in tune and comfortable with each other, he has to be able to see himself as a really manly man. Only if he is able to act genuine and sexy will he know what he wants and get what he needs. And so will you. A confident man acts without hesitation and keeps on going and he’s also able to use these characteristics in the bedroom flawlessly. Although he might rough around the edges, his female partner will have no trouble at all feeling comfortable with him around. A confident man is well aware of his virility and skills, and will never feel ashamed if his woman should step up and teach him something new. But to change a man into a manlier specimen doesn’t mean that you should turn him into a cocky macho that’s full of himself. That will make him more than capable to brag about his qualities half the night, but less capable to satisfy you.
To Change a Man Means to Change His Perception of You

Don’t hide behind your inhibitions. Throw away your chains and shine ladies, shine like the stars that you are! Share your thoughts, your hopes, your angst, your little fears, your joy, and all the other good and bad with him. Only then will he begin to really understand and to know the real and lovely you. Only then will you be able to forge a deeply rooted bond. Besides what you can hear, there is also a notion which is commonly known as non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication plays a crucial role when it comes to sex. A good lover will communicate with you exclusively through the means of signs, eyes, facial expressions, with the way he carries himself, as well as through his attitude towards the art of making love. He will only be able to read and react to your signals in just the right way if he really knows the real, the untamed, the unchained, and the undistorted you. You have to be honest in order to be able to change a man into your unadulterated, dreamy, steamy Frank.

Never forget the fact that your happiness is entirely your own responsibility. It often takes only a tiny bit of effort to change a man for the better, but you have to be aware of that in order to once be presented with a specimen that you have always wanted. So never settle for economy class if there’s a great business opportunity waiting for you only a change away.


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