How to recognise the signs that she’s leaving you?

Life is great, then one day you have a fight without warning and she simply walks out of your life for good. She may already be in the phase when she is still physically present but mentally absent.

When you’re living together but apart

You didn’t have the slightest idea. What was wrong? Did you do anything wrong or was it something you didn’t do? How can you prevent this from happening again? These things don’t happen overnight, they fester for weeks and months. The signs are there, you just have to know what you’re looking for, so that you’ll be able to avoid them the next time.

Sign she`s leaving you #1

All of a sudden her behavior changes drastically.

Sign she`s leaving you # 2

Whenever you start talking about your future together, she changes the subject and becomes visibly nervous.

Sign she`s leaving you #3

She becomes mysterious and the debates with you are a tiresome task to her.

Sign she`s leaving you #4

She starts lying to you. Look her in the eyes when she explain why she didn’t come home the whole night. If she’s looking to the left, that means she’s using the fantasy side of her brain, which means that she’s telling you tall tales. If she doesn’t look you in the eyes and takes a long time to come up with an answer, this means that she’s preparing an excuse.

Sign she`s leaving you #5

If she’s hiding anything, it’ll be shown in her body language which will become more closed and unusually static. She might try so hard not to reveal anything that she’ll become unusually calm.

Sign she`s leaving you #6

She may start unimportant arguments or will sulk a great deal – classic passive-aggressive behavior with the intention that you do the dirty work for her and break up with her.

Sign she`s leaving you #7

All of a sudden she pays a lot of attention to her looks, but it doesn’t appear that it’s because of you. She bought many new dresses, lost weight and joined a gym, but she’s not responding to your courting.

Sign she`s leaving you #8

Don’t turn your woman into a therapist. She might have complained that you’re not open enough at the start of the relationship, but that doesn’t mean she wants to be your counselor for the rest of your life. Your feelings are your responsibility, so learn to deal with what life brings you, including getting dumped.

If you trust your instinct, you don’t have to look for signs because you’ll know that something is wrong. If you’re deluding yourself, there are some signs to convince you not to ignore those knots in your stomach.

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