Hubby keeping Heidi Montag ‘a prisoner in her own home’

Updated: May 14, 2010, 16:25 PM IST

New York: Heidi Montag’s hubby is reportedly keeping her a “prisoner” in her own home.

Reports suggest that Spencer keeps the windows of their house covered with dark cloth, the doors blocked.

It is said that Spencer invited one of his friends, a Marine, to serve as a guard.

In fact, Heidi was allowed to leave the house only three times in April.

"Once to do a paid appearance in Las Vegas and twice to accompany Spencer on research trips for a script he’s writing. He’s forcing Heidi to help with it, making her come up with ideas for the female characters," the New York Daily News quoted a source as saying.

Meanwhile, a source has told OK! magazine that Heidi "has become Spencer’s little blonde puppet."

"Spencer is obsessed with power, and Heidi is obsessed with herself. This gives Spencer something he wants — power over Heidi — and it gives Heidi something she wants: feeling like someone is obsessed with her. It’s really sick in many senses, but it works," said the source.