I am a moody and difficult boyfriend: Enrique Iglesias

London: Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias, who has been dating tennis star Anna Kournikova for eight years now, has admitted he is not very romantic and can be a "difficult" boyfriend.

The `Addicted` hit maker said he is moody and enjoys spending a lot of time alone, a website reported.

"How would I rate myself as a boyfriend? Not anything. I`m actually difficult and moody at times. I`m not the easiest person in the world and I need moments when I`m completely by
myself for my work," said Iglesias.

His songs might talk of love and romance, but the 35-year-old star says they hardly reflect his real life disposition.

"I`m not really romantic. And I know that doesn`t go with what I write, but it`s like asking a comedian if they`re always joking around when they`re at home. Usually it`s the opposite. My way is just going to the movies and respecting that person by having fun with her," he said.

Iglesias also insisted he has no plans to marry Kournikova.

Asked if they would tie the knot, he said, "Oh no. I don`t think it`s the right thing to do. A lot of people think that I`m against marriage but you can be happy with someone without being married."