I am not engaged to Preeti, says Abhay Deol

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Abhay Deol has finally broken his silence about his relationship with British model turned actress Preeti Desai. The couple’s relationship has been speculated by the media in the past few months.

Rumours had it that the duo is engaged and all set to tie the knot. The couple, however, kept shut about their relationship status.

Fresh out of the success of his recent film ‘Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara’ Abhay has finally admitted to his relationship with Preeti. In a candid interview to a leading daily, Abhay said, "There have been speculations which questioned if I was dating her or if I was not, if we are engaged or not. But, I am not engaged.”

When asked if the media glare has affected his relationship in any way, Abhay said, "Speculations lead to a lot of stories in the media, which are entirely untrue. I am very happy where I am and I am not denying that I am in a relationship and that’s as much as I can share. I find it normal for people to ask all these questions.

The media has been very good in reporting about our relationship by stating that I want to keep it personal and that’s how I prefer it, as it’s my personal life after all. If I start sharing my personal life, then it won’t be personal at all. Since I am in the public space, it is granted that the media would be involved. However, everybody around me knows about our relationship and so, it would be silly of me to deny the fact that I am dating her."

Abhay opened up about his relationship for the first time in a chat show on television and was bold enough to state that he was in a live-in relationship with Preeti. But with his recent success in ZNMD, Abhay has also gained a huge female fan following. Wouldn’t his committed status affect his fans?

"I had female fan following after `Dev D` too but that was when I played a bad guy. With ZNMD, I portrayed the good boy. It’s like a full circle. When you ask if I will break hearts, I do not think so as people will still have their fantasies. In fact this adds to it.
Hrithik is married with kids but that has not taken away any of his female fan following. There is a certain attraction towards married men with kids. If the attraction is there, then it will remain and if it is not there, it will never be there," said Abhay

Abhay is also reluctant to give his relationship a label. "We haven’t made too many public appearances, just two. One was at Ekta Kapoor’s party and another was at a magazine party. We have already been seeing each other for a while. However, we are not people who like to define the relationship or put it in a box. But the world does. So, okay let’s call it a relationship. She is happy, I am happy so why not?"

Good that you are a committed man now, but Abhay you have certainly broken many hearts!

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