I am sick of rumours about Brangelina and me: Jennifer Aniston

London: Former "Friends" star Jennifer Aniston, who has been divorced from Brad Pitt for more than six years, says she is sick of rumours surrounding herself and ex-husband.

The 43-year-old, who is currently dating actor Justin Theroux, said she still faces questions about her ex and Angelina Jolie ? and the story just won`t go away, reported Daily Mail.

When asked what the most annoying misconception is about her she said, "Which one? There are so many. I would say the triangle with my ex-husband ? and that there`s a feud there. It`s constant. It`s a story headline that won`t go away, but it`s a money thing ? (people make money off) a story that has nothing to do with reality," Aniston said.

The actress has been in a relationship with Theroux for more than a year and said she knows what her ideal partner should be like.

"Having experienced everything you don`t want in a partner over time, it starts to narrow down what you actually do want," she added.


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