I don’t want to work with Alex again, says Jordan

London: Former glamour model Katie Price a.k.a. Jordan has admitted that she has had enough of working with her cage fighter husband Alex Reid.

The couple recently returned from their Thai honeymoon amid reports they spent the break rowing and hardly talking to each other.

The honeymoon that was being filmed required Jordan and Reid to be together but she admitted that the honeymoon was just for the cameras and that she could not face working with Reid again.

“No, I don’t want to work with Alex again. We did our wedding show together and that’s enough for me,” The Daily Star quoted Jordan as saying.

“The honeymoon was part of our three-part show. The show covers all the build-up: my hen do and his stag night, then the wedding, and the honeymoon in the final episode.

“After that’s been shown, we’re going away for a couple of weeks for a private holiday,” she added.