I feel right with Velencoso: Kylie Minogue

London: Singer Kylie Minogue says her relationship with model Andres Velencoso is the most fulfilling she`s ever had and she just "feels" right with him.

The 43-year-old, who has previously dated actors Michael Hutchence, Olivier Martinez and model James Gooding, is dating Velencoso for three years.

"It is, strangely "I`m not naming names but in the past I have been attracted to complex characters. You want to have some complexity, otherwise it would be boring. But finding the balance is important and years ago before I was ill I didn`t find that balance," contcatmusic.com quoted Minogue as saying.

"This just feels right. He`s one of these people you could just drop anywhere and he`d be fine, which sometimes I curse him for," she added.