Identity of Christiano Ronaldo Jr`s mom revealed

London: The mother of Cristiano Ronaldo`s son is said to be an American waitress whom the ace footballer seduced into a one-night stand.

It is being reported that Ronaldo had actually used a surrogate mother to have his baby, but reports suggest it is a result of a one-night stand.

After hearing the baby was his, he believed to have said to his friends, "I feel like Boris Becker" - a reference to the tennis star who fathered a love-child after having sex just once in a London restaurant, which cost him $30.57 million in settlement.

Ronaldo has used his best friend to help him in having an exclusive $15.28 million paternity deal in New York, supervised by his mother Dolores Aveiro, to bring the baby back to Portugal.

He has told friends he won’t tell the boy the identity of his mother until his 18th birthday.

Last summer, on a trip to Los Angeles, Ronaldo was spotted in a restaurant with the mother of his son, reports

"It was just yet another one-night stand and Ronnie assumed he would never see her again," said the friend.

But after finding out she was pregnant, and convinced Ronaldo was the only possible father, the woman tracked him down through his agent, Jorge Mendes.

Mendes told Ronaldo, who immediately told his mother Dolores, 55, and sisters Elma, 34, and 33-year-old Liliana Cátia, who offered their support to Ronaldo.



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