Is it really true that vitamin C prevents pregnancy?

Despite the fact that some anecdotes are successfully passed from generation to generation, it doesn`t mean they are also true. Women mostly have to try and see for themselves. Therefore we present two false convictions in this article.

Vitamin C prevents pregnancy

Larger quantity of vitamin C after an unprotected sexual intercourse is supposed to have the same effect as the morning-after pill. So far there is no indisputable evidence that vitamin C increases the chance of abortion. Only speculations exist that vitamin C can influence the pregnancy, especially during the first few days, because it makes the mucous membrane of the uterus thinner, thus making it an inhospitable place for a fertilized egg. If this information about vitamin C would be true, it would be especially useful for women who don`t take contraceptive pills or who can`t handle them well.

Lemon juice to prevent pregnancy

Lemon juice has been used for prevention pregnancy for several centuries. In-depth study about the effect of lemon juice on abortion doesn`t exist. Women rely on the probability that lemon juice destroys the sperm. The thinking that led to such conclusion is very simple. Lemon juice contains vitamin C which is very sour and it is hard for sperm to survive in such sour environment. If you decide to use lemon juice for protection despite the shaky evidence, we should stress that lemon juice never provides full protection , because it doesn`t protect from sexually transmitted diseases.