It wasn`t just sex, it was emotional: Yvonne Keating

London: Boyzone singer Ronan Keating`s wife Yvonne Keating told her friends that she is devastated after the singer betrayed her and it is very hard for her to forgive him.

"It`d be one thing if it was just sex, but this was emotional," quoted her as saying.

Recently, it was emerged that Ronan was cheating on her wife and had an affair with 26-year-old dancer Francine Cornell on the recent Boyzone tour.

"That`s really hurting her now, because they were all so close. She said people can get over a one-night thing, but is wondering how she can ever get by this," said a friend of Yvonne.

While the singer is said by friends and family to be eager to win his wife back, she appears unwilling to agree to a reunion and last week refused to travel to France with him.



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