Jennifer Aniston trying to warm up ‘cold as ice’ beau Justin Theroux

London: Jennifer Aniston, who has been largely reluctant to discuss aspects of her romance over the past nine months, has revealed that she is trying to “warm up” Justin Theroux, as she joked about his lack of romance.

While promoting her upcoming movie ‘Wanderlust’ on ‘Good Morning America, the 43-year-old actress felt relaxed enough to even joke about how romantic her beau is.

“He’s just the most cold, icy, fishy kind of a guy,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

“I’m trying to warm him up but you know...,” she said.
The ‘Marley and Me’ star then agreed with the interviewer when she proclaimed that Theroux was “really cute and great in this movie”.

“He is really cute.

“He is great - he’s a great actor,” she said.

The movie sees Aniston star as one half of a New York couple who find themselves living in a hippie commune after being made unemployed.

While there, she meets hippies Seth (Theroux) and Eva (Malin Akerman).

However, Aniston also put rumours to rest that the romance between her and Theroux began while making the film.

“Nothing happened on that movie, it’s the easy rumour.

“Nothing happened, we were just friends. I have known Justin a long time,” she added.