Jennifer Aniston won`t sign pre-nup agreement with fiance Justin Theroux

Melbourne: Jennifer Aniston reportedly won`t sign a pre-nuptial agreement, as she is confident that her marriage to Justin Theroux will work out.

The actress is said to be adamant about her decision as she trusts her actor fiance completely.

"Jen is a romantic and says she wants to show her commitment to the marriage by abandoning any ideas of a pre-nup," quoted Jen`s friends as telling Grazia magazine.

Last week it was reported that the actress` advisors had suggested she safeguard her fortune by drawing up a pre-nuptial agreement before her big day.

Jennifer has considerably more money than her 41-year-old fiancé, with recent estimates putting the former Friends star`s wealth at around 95 million pounds.

Despite being married before, the 42-year-old beauty is not worried about divorce or losing any money if the relationship turns sour.

However, her loved ones are reportedly less relaxed about the idea.

"Apparently it`s left her family a little nervous," a source said.

"But Jennifer says she is madly in love with Justin and is extremely confident that the marriage will work. She`s extending her trust to Justin when it comes to their assets,” the source added.