Jennifer Garner furious with Ben Affleck

Updated: Oct 31, 2012, 15:43 PM IST

Los Angeles: Actress Jennifer Garner is said to have gone ballistic when husband Ben Affleck said he`s still in touch with former flame Jennifer Lopez.

"After Jen read Ben`s glowing comments about Jennifer, she hit the roof. She screamed at him that he`d made her look like a fool," quoted a source as saying.

"Jen`s always felt threatened by Ben`s passionate relationship with JLo. So hearing him rave about her really struck a nerve," added the source.

Affleck, 40, and Lopez began dating in 2002. They announced their engagement that year when he presented her with a huge 6.1 carat pink diamond. They even set a date for 2004, but broke up shortly before, blaming the media interest.

Today Affleck is happily married to Garner, with whom he has three children.

"Jen`s been feeling down on herself, and Ben`s thoughtless comments didn`t help. Every now and again Jen needs to crack the whip to get Ben back in line. She knew a trip to Paris would be good for both of them," said the source.