Jennifer Lopez not ready for marriage

London: Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez says she is taking her relationship with boyfriend Casper Smart slowly.

The 43-year-old singer, who is deeply in love with her 25-year-old backing dancer, said she is taking their relationship one day at a time, reported Contactmusic.

"(Usually I`m like) Where is it going? Are we getting married? But now I`m like, maybe it`s OK to just be in the moment. Maybe it`s OK to enjoy this for right now. Who knows where it`s going? There`s love here. Relax," she said.

Lopez started dating Smart after her split from third husband Marc Anthony and the `Parker` star said it has been difficult explaining the marriage breakdown to their four-year-old twins Max and Emme.

"It wasn`t until recently they started going, `Where`s Daddy?` And I`m like, `I`m going to explain it to you when you`re bigger because you`re not going to understand it right now.` And they`ll take that.

"And I said, `But here`s what I do know. Mommy and Max and Emme are always going to be there. Mommy`s always going to be there. Mommy`s not going anywhere.` And that comforts them a little," she said.