Jessie J loves relationships

London: Singer Jessie J is currently singl but says she loves being in relationships.

The 23-year-old openly bisexual singer, is without a boyfriend or girlfriend, but says she is learning what it`s like to be without a partner all the time, reported Cosmopolitan magazine.

"I love being a girlfriend. I`ve never really done the single thing. This is a new realm for me. But sometimes you have to just learn to be by yourself. I`m very, very close with my ex. There`s no drama, we`re really good friends," she said.

The `Price Tag` hitmaker said that some people in the music industry felt uncomfortable when they found out she was bisexual, but she refuses to hide away from her true feelings.

"They`re uncomfortable with it. When I was with my girlfriend last year and used to go to studio sessions, I remember going, `This is my girlfriend,` and some people were initially uncomfortable with it. But after a while they weren`t because I wasn`t.

"I`ve never used it as a gimmick. I`ve always said I`ve dated guys and I`ve dated girls... If I`m in love, I`m in love. I`m not going to hide it," she added.


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