Johansson, Reynolds ‘tried to hold’ their marriage together

New York: Scarlett Johansson and husband Ryan Reynolds tried every possible thing to save their marriage, but it just did not work for them.

According to a source close to the couple, Johansson and Reynolds are handling the impending divorce "really well," reports the New York Daily News.

Insiders say the marriage had been crumbling for months, with trips to a therapist, reports of Reynolds having a fling with actress Blake Lively and a trial separation before they officially called it quits.

"Scarlett began seeing a therapist" in Manhattan two months ago to figure out her marital issues, the source said, but she was unable to "hash it out."

They "tried to hold it together" so they could make it through the holiday, which they celebrated with Johansson``s family in New York City.

It wasn`t until the end of last month, when Reynolds returned to the city from Los Angeles, that Johansson told him she wanted a divorce.

Reynolds wasn`t ready and told her they "should avoid it at all costs," the source said. Instead, they agreed to a two-week trial separation.

When the two weeks went by, Reynolds relented and agreed to split, the source said.

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