John speaks about life post-break up!

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Mumbai: John Abraham has had a rough time in the past one year with his family life as well as his love life. The hunk of Bollywood went through emotional turmoil due to his split with girlfriend of nearly a decade, the dusky beauty of Bollywood Bipasha Basu. And on the other hand, his fathers illness was a matter of severe worry for him.

However, he has now sailed through turbulent times and emerged strong. While speaking to a daily he threw light on the twisted and hard past one year in his life and also shared his thought on his break off with Bips for the first time.

The actor said, "When I look back on my life, it`s not the fame that stands out, it`s the people I`ve met along the way and the nurturing relationships I’ve had that steal the spotlight. Growing up, I didn`t have wealthy parents with powerful connections. But what I did have was a stable, loving home where my parents doted on their children and on each other.

“And then, stardom happened. The sensitive, football-loving young man suddenly became a phenomenon that even he couldn`t fathom. Relationships with my childhood friends and family became even more valuable because they kept me grounded in a new world where money flowed and strangers came up to me to tell me that they loved me,” John added.

The actor opened up further and said, “While I`m not the type to talk publicly about private matters, I will share a bit about what I`ve gone through the past year. Last year, my dad was diagnosed with cancer. While I smiled for the cameras and attended industry events, inside I was wracked by anxiety and concern for my family`s well-being. In the past, when I experienced personal betrayals and career setbacks, I somehow still felt in control. I felt I could overcome the challenges even if it pained me to go through them. But this was entirely different.”

Talking about his ex-ladylove, John said, “My past relationship (with Bipasha Basu) was beautiful and challenging and everything that a relationship with someone for several years is going to be. But people change, interests differ, and things evolve. There is a time for everything in life and while I value the time that I spent with her, it was also time to move on and for each of us to take our own separate road.
For me, what`s most important at this point in time is to be me... John Abraham.”

Well…John… we wish you the very best John for your career and life ahead!

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