Justin Theroux says Aniston’s obsessed with his breakdance

London: Justin Theroux, who revealed that his girlfriend Jennifer Aniston is ‘‘literally obsessed’’ with his break dancing, was left squirming after he was forced to dance for millions of viewers during a recent US TV appearance.

Comedienne Ellen DeGeneres begged the 40-year-old actor to show off his moves on her talk show, but Theroux excused himself by claiming he had not brought the special shoes he wears when he performs.

“There’s actually a rule that I have - I have a very particular pair of shoes which I breakdance in,” the Daily Express quoted him as telling DeGeneres.

The ‘Friends’ star has been keen to get Theroux, who she has been dating since last year, to breakdance for her ever since she saw him play the Evil DJ in 2001 movie ‘Zoolander’.

“My girlfriend... ever since she saw Zoolander, she’s been obsessed with making me breakdance,” he said.

“She’s been saying, ‘When are you gonna breakdance? I need you to breakdance!’
“I invented this thing where I was like, ‘I have a pair of shoes, my breaking shoes - if I don’t have my breaking shoes, I don’t breakdance!’” he said.

When the pair got back from celebrating Aniston’s birthday recently she made him dance for her.

“After the whole thing. She said, put on the shoes, breakdance,” he said.

DeGeneres too refused to let him off and then pulled out Theroux’s black and gold Nike Air Force Ones and a note from Aniston which read, “Ellen, I thought Justin might need these.”