Kashmera Shah`s love for Krushna began with ‘a one-night stand’!

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: In a startling interview to Cine Blitz, Bollywood bombshell Kashmera Shah has dropped a real bomb! The actress has revealed that her relationship with her boyfriend Krushna began with "a one-night stand"!

Over a tete-e-tete that makes mush look obsolete and jaded, the hottie who has been living in with Krushna from almost six years; candidly revealed the little secret behind how it all began!

"Before we landed on the sets of a film we were to do together, I didn`t even know him (Krushna). I knew I was to work with Govinda`s nephew in the film, that`s all. I never carried high heels hence".

So was it during the course of the film they started seeing each other? "It was a one-night stand for both of us," Kash boldly divulged, without even batting an eyelid!

What`s more! The otherwise media-shy Krushna was as outspoken
as his lady love! He added, "Actually that is how it happens with everyone. It is just that they do not admit. But after that night, she got a lot more caring towards me. Bringing khaana and all for me!"

Krushna further revealed, "Actually, Kash was giving me hints from the
beginning itself. There was this once when we were seated in the van and the lights when off and I said, `Ab kya kare?` Now that is something anyone would have said in that circumstance, and very suggestively our lady here says, `Kyun, kuch kare?`!

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