Kate Moss prepones date of marriage to Jamie Hince

Washington: Kate Moss has reportedly preponed her wedding date to July 1 after originally planning to wed rocker Jamie Hince on July 2.

By doing so, the British model has left her 300 guests confused with a cryptic invitation that gave no reason why the nuptials have been changed.

“I received a piece of white card with silver writing on it. It read, ‘Kate Moss and Jamie Hince will be marrying pm Friday July 1. Save the date’,” Contactmusic quoted a guest as telling the Daily Star.

“The date has shifted from Saturday the 2nd but there``s no information about where the wedding is, how many days, nights, etc. Kate``s doing her usual secret mission stuff but it``s not so funny when the wedding``s just four weeks away,” the source added.

While the nuptials were believed to being held in a church near the 37-year-old beauty``s home in Oxfordshire, South East England, Kate``s sudden change of plans has thrown her guests into panic about what will actually be happening.

"It``s very confusing. We have no idea how long to block out our time or where in the country we``ll be. We don``t know whether that``s the church or the party, whether we need to travel, or what``s going on,” said the source.

“And Friday is a strange day to ask us to keep free when everyone believed it was a Saturday and a weekend away,” the source added.